Why Bitcoin?

Portfolio Diversification

We believe bitcoin’s provable scarcity serves as a store of value and hedge against poor monetary governance and inflation.

Exponential Growth

In our opinion, bitcoin’s adoption rate has been extraordinary as investment activity and utilization of the network has accelerated at a rapid pace.

Higher Volatility

Assets like bitcoin tend to experience significant volatility during their early adoption phase. Investors tend to struggle holding volatile assets for the long-term and, as a result, may miss out on much of the appreciation.

Why Risk Manage Bitcoin?

To Remove Emotions from Investing.

Along with big swings in price come big swings in emotions. Fear and greed are powerful emotions. They can cause investors to buy and sell at the wrong time leading to unproductive outcomes. Our rules-based approach to investing in bitcoin seeks to position our strategies defensively during significant market declines. By systematically raising cash during these periods and reinvesting when the markets are more accommodating, we aim to create a less volatile investment experience, and ultimately deliver better risk-adjusted returns over full market cycles.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Source: Alternative.me

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Bitcoin Fund

Digital Assets generally refers to an asset that is issued and/or transferred using distributed ledger or blockchain technology, including, “virtual currencies (also known as crypto-currencies),” “coins,” and “tokens”. We may invest in and/or advise clients on the purchase or sale of digital assets. This advice or investment may be in actual digital coins/tokens/currencies or via investment vehicles such as exchange traded funds (ETFs). The investment characteristics of Digital Assets generally differ from those of traditional securities, currencies, commodities. Digital Assets are not backed by a central bank or a national, international organization, any hard assets, human capital, or other form of credit and are relatively new to the market place. Rather, Digital Assets are market-based: a Digital Asset’s value is determined by (and fluctuates often, according to) supply and demand factors, its adoption in the traditional commerce channels, and/or the value that various market participants place on it through their mutual agreement or transactions. The lack of history to these types of investments entail certain unknown risks, are speculative and are not appropriate for all investors. Digital Asset Service Providers – Service providers that support Digital Assets and the Digital Asset marketplace(s) may not be subject to the same regulatory and professional oversight as traditional securities service providers. Further, there is no assurance that the availability of and access to virtual currency service providers will not be negatively affected by government regulation or supply and demand of Digital Assets. Accordingly, companies or financial institutions that currently support virtual currency may not do so in the future. Please refer to Blue Square Asset Management’s ADV Part 2A for additional information.

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